Tenuta di Aljano

Tenuta di Aljano is located on the first hills of the Emilian Apennines, in Iano of Scandiano in the province of Reggio Emilia, a few kilometers from the Castle of Canossa and the famous Rocca dei Boiardo. The main goal of the company, founded in 1999, is the production of high quality wines with the utmost respect for the environment and the healthiness of the final product. The vineyard area is managed with particular attention to the cultivation of native vines, first of all the Spergola: white grape variety of great value thanks to the characteristic citrus aromas, the notes of green apple and white flowers, and the important acidity that makes it perfect for sparkling wine making both with the Martinotti method and with the Classic method. Another native vine variety is the Lambrusco Montericco, red berried grape that takes its name from the homonymous village on the hills of the municipality of Albinea. The Montericco grapes produce a wine with a fresh and fragrant aroma with a reminiscent of violet and berries such as raspberry and strawberry. Other native varieties grown on the estate are Lambrusco Barghi, Lambrusco Oliva and Sgavetta (black berry).